Hydra Pearl Sanitizers are made in Columbia, Missouri, USA by PlasmaDent Inc. Our company makes medical and dental products and we believe we can provide a better life for all through innovation.

Our sanitizer was developed to meet the needs of our community.

 Hydra Pearl hand sanitizer kills germs with an effective 70% ethyl alcohol concentration and contains the perfect amount of glycerin to keep your hands from drying out. Unlike other ethyl alcohol sanitizers on the market with overpowering, unwanted aromas, our product has a clean alcohol smell. Our ethanol is supplied from a cutting-edge USA manufacturer. We also test our product with an in-house gas chromatography system to detect methanol to ensure you are receiving a safe hand sanitizer.

With Hydra Pearl, you can be germ-free and certain that your sanitizer is safe to use.  We strive for reliability and quality in our product, and our mission is to improve your life through innovation.